Trough the “FOOD WAVE VIMIANZO” project, we want to engage the youth of Vimianzo (16 - 35 years old) to change their food consumption behaviour and actively promote the shift towards green and inclusive food systems as part of the strategy to mitigate climate change.

We will mainly target students, NEETs (youngsters Not in Education, Employment or Training), employed young people and youth from families with food-related businesses.

We will take into account local community knowledge related to food production, preparation and preservation.  And also, we will take into account the use that was given to food waste in the past: recipes with leftovers, animal feed and fertilizer.  Changes in society have caused us to turn our backs on all that knowledge that was in harmony with nature and that was an example of zero waste.

The core of the project will be a set of thematic workshops (in total, 10 workshops of 2 hours each one), aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 35, based on the ecological power of the food consumer. These practical workshops of ecogastronomy and food waste will take place in working spaces (kitchens, gardens, canteens, vegetable gardens, industrial areas and fish markets) and will address topics such as the identification of local products, the Slow Food philosophy (good, fair and clean food), km0, low-energy preparations, food waste (recipes with leftovers, animal feed and fertilizer/ compost), urban gardens and the design of a garden with aromatic plants for food use. In addition, there will be workshops on ICT tools to create content and carry out informative actions on the project.

The project is complemented by a citizens’ participation campaign to share their knowledge and creations related to ecogastronomy.

The results will be transferred through an eBook, a set of video recipes and a video on food waste and making compost, that will be disseminated through the municipal website, the media, presentations to various stakeholders’ groups and through social networks.

Furthermore, we foresee 2 dissemination (commemoration) events during the following international commemorative dates:

  • 16thof October, 2022: International Food Day.
  • 9thof December, 2022: Terra Madre Day (Slow Food Day).

Concello de Vimianzo
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